The Elderly

Home Care For the Elderly

As we get older it can become more difficult for some to maintain their independence as daily tasks become more difficult to undertake.

Getting out of bed, going to the toilet, washing, dressing, making breakfast, changing the bed, washing clothes – all just some of the relatively simple tasks that could be completed quickly and easily aren’t as straight forward anymore, due to a variety of reasons.

Everyday we help our service users throughout Cardiff with these tasks. We will ask you what we can do for you and prepare person centred plans to provide these services.

Our homecare services are for you to benefit from. We want to help you maintain your independence and quality of life in your own home.  And if we can help you with any personal, or practical, care and support we will.

It’s also very important to make sure you’re safe in your own home. For some of our service users we’ll call in once or twice a day to say hello and make sure you’re ok.

Loneliness is also another reason you might consider using our home care services. Some of our elderly service users live on their own and don’t have any family members or loved ones. Our friendly home carers are happy to call in once or twice a day to check on your well being, and have a chat and a cup of tea with you.

We frequently arrange day trips for our elderly service users to local day centres, local attractions around the city (Penarth sea front and Roath Park are two of the favourite locations) as well as accompanied doctor, dentist and hospital appointments.

We aim to keep our home care as personal yet professional as possible. We respect the trust you place in us for allowing us into your lives and homes, and we will do everything possible to make sure you benefit from the time we spend with you.