Physical Disabilities

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Home Care for Service Users With Physical Difficulties

Some of our service users were born with physical disabilities, others have acquired them during their lives and others have short term physical problems.

We have extensive experience of working with service users with physical disabilities, and the majority of our professional home carers have been trained to not only work with our service users with these, but to also correctly operate appliances and aides used to maintain their independence at home.

We provide a comprehensive selection of personal and practical home care services that help our service users. It’s a team effort and we will encourage our service users to do everything they can for themselves and assist them with the tasks they can’t do.

Having a physical disability doesn’t mean that a customer should be confined to their own home or lead a restricted lifestyle. We will do our best to help them fulfil their goals and objectives and provide motivation, support and practical assistance to help them achieve these.

Some of our service users require two home carers to visit to help with certain tasks. This helps ensure the safety and well being of the customer, and our carers. This is often the case when using appliances and aides such as chair and bath lifts.

Whatever we do for our service users, we guarantee to respect their dignity and privacy.