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Person Centred Care and Support in Your Own Home

We strongly believe in providing person centred care planning.

Essentially this means that we focus on finding out as much as we can about our service users, what we can do on their behalf to help them maintain their independence and quality of life they are accustomed to, and how much of a part of their lives that they want us to be involved with.

Every customer is different and is at the centre of all decision making. Our senior management team and care coordinators are vastly experienced, and they are trained to listen to and understand the needs and requirements of our service users.

We encourage family members and loved ones to participate in the person centre care planning process and, where appropriate, seek to include the advice and guidance of medical professional and support workers.

Flexibility is a key component to this process. Each person centered plan needs to be reviewed regularly by all parties and changes implemented as appropriate.

The process involves the immediate home care and support of the customer, and what they might require in the future.