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Recovering in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Returning home after an operation, illness or injury requiring a hospital stay is at the forefront of most peoples minds.

Making sure you or your loved ones can go home and receive the care they need is of paramount importance. It’s something that most people want, and we do our best to make sure you will receive the flexible care and support required.

The amount of home care and support received will be different for each individual involved, and might well vary as your convalescence continues.

For some, assistance might be required to help getting up and dressed in the morning. For others it is the peace of mind that someone is there for you when your family are at work or tied up with other commitments. Perhaps a live-in carer for the first couple of days after you’re home will be suitable as you adjust to your surrounds?

Our Cardiff based skilled and experienced care support workers can help you achieve this and provide you with the opportunity to return to the familiar surroundings of your own home as quickly as possible.

Before being discharged from the hospital, all parties involved have a duty of care to ensure the patient is returning to a safe environment, will be well looked after, and be able to continue to recuperate. The senior members of our home care team are regularly invited by service users and their families to attend meetings in local hospitals to plan their safe and prompt return home.

We are able to assess the needs and requirements of the individual involved, agree a suitable home care package with them and the medical teams, as well as make sure our carers are there when needed.