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Personal Care in Your Own Home

We visit our home care service users throughout Cardiff every day to help them with their daily routines that may have become more difficult due to illness, disability or age.

Everyone is different. Some of our service users only require a short call to make a cup of tea and to check they are ok, others a couple of calls a day. And we also provide 24/7 live-in care for those requiring full time assistance so they can remain in their own homes.

We do our best to help our service users maintain the lifestyle they chose. Utilising our personal home care services, those with disabilities, the elderly and the vulnerable are able to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, and enjoy the quality of life they are accustomed to.

Some of the tasks are more intimate, some involve toileting, having a bath or shower, getting dressed or helping prepare meals and drinks. But all are undertaken whilst maintaining the respect and dignity of our customer.

Everyone has their own preferred personal routines, have favourite foods and drinks or perhaps like to do certain activities on specified days. We understand this and will incorporate these into the personal care plans.

What Services Can Personal Home Care Include?

Personal home care can include a wide range of services, the following list outlines some of the options, but others can always be included to meet you or your loved ones requirements.

Getting Up and Dressed in the Morning

For some this is a straight forward task, but some of our service users require help to safely get out of bed, wash themselves and get dressed.

Our carers can assist with all of these tasks to ensure their safety and also help maintain personal hygiene.

Toilet, Incontinence and Commodes

Service users need to go to the toilet and some can use the facilities on their own, whilst others can’t for various reasons. It’s not a problem for us and we will do whatever is required to help and assist, keep them clean and be respectful of their privacy at all times.

Meal Preparation

We prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or in between snacks for our service users who might not be able to do so themselves. Our service users choose what they want and we can do the rest, or support them to prepare themselves.

Medication Prompting

Whilst we are not allowed to administer medication, we prompt and remind our service users to make sure it is taken at the right time.

Motivation Support

Some of our service users lack the confidence to go out and about, to go to an event, shopping or a perhaps a concert. Sometimes they might need prompting to get washed and dressed in the morning or prepare meals for themselves.

Our staff will accompany or encourage our service users to do these actions whilst respecting their dignity and independence.