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Dementia Care at Home

We’ve been caring for service users with dementia and other mental illness in Cardiff for a number of years. Using our own experiences, and working with local and national support organisations and charities, we have acquired significant knowledge about this mental illness and understand the needs and requirements of service users.

During this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the illness. Our professional home carers have been trained to understand the different types and stages of the condition, and to help the service users (and often their families) manage with the challenges that can be presented in their everyday lives.

Caring and Coping With Dementia

Mental illness can be very difficult for all involved to come to terms with.

Our experienced home care team are available to meet with you, and your loved ones, to talk through the different options, and to seek the advice of other professionals.

Service users with dementia and other mental illnesses are all individuals with their own personalities, traits and preferences. It’s vital that these are taken into account.

Whilst we will provide all the personal and practical care and support we can, we can also provide emotional support. Our trained carers will spend time talking to the service users, playing games, doing crosswords or getting out and about in Cardiff to visit family and friends or places of interest.

We will always do our best to maintain consistency regarding who looks after you or your loved one. By doing this, relationships can develop and the carer will be able to get to know you, and have a much better understanding of your own preferences.