Regulated and Committed

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Regulated and Committed to Care For You

We are registered with the following organisations and ensure we provide our home care services to their demanding standards.

Qualified and Trained to Care for You

We are committed to ensuring our home care professionals are capable of providing the highest quality of care for all of our service users.

New members to our team will initially undergo an extensive training programme, dependent upon their previous industry experience. This is a combination of our own in-house training and registering with independent training providers.

We will not ask our home care workers to visit our service users on their own until they have been assessed by our management team and we are confident they are competent to provide the high level of care we expect.

All of our home care professionals will have received training for the following areas:

Dementia                               Medication                                            Communications

Food Hygiene                       Health & Safety                                    First Aid

Manual Handling                 Person Centred Planning                  POVA

Infection Control


We also encourage and provide training for the following:

Parkinsons Disease              Stoma                                                     Pressure areas

Sensory & Loss                     Bereavement & Loss                           Mental health

Equality                                  Diabetes