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Funding to Help You Pay for the Cost of Care at Home

For most people requiring domiciliary care the first point of contact should be asking your local authority for a social care (care and support) needs assessment.

As well as assessing your care requirements, the assessment will also determine whether the local authority will meet all the cost of your care, or whether you will need to contribute towards your care cost or whether you will have to meet the full costs yourself

Currently, local authorities won’t provide care services if you have more than £23,500 in savings and property (known as “capital”). However, from April 2016, this threshold will change £27,000 if you receive care in your own home which means that more people will be eligible for help sooner.

Payment for care can appear complex and difficult to understand, we encourage our service users and their families and friends to ask any questions they might have and we will endeavour to either provide the information ourselves or put you in contact with the relevant organisation who will be able to assist.

Private clients:

We invoice our private clients every 4 weeks in arrears. If a Service User starts to use our domicillary home care services within the current four week period, they will be invoiced for the services they received during this time and then the next invoice will be the full four weeks.

Direct Payments:

Direct payments are payments of money a local authority social services department makes to people to arrange their own community care services. If you’re entitled to get community care services, your local authority social services department must give you the option of getting direct payments, as long as you are able to manage a direct payment.

An individual is assessed as having a need to receive our service and the needs assessed in terms of hours per week.  An hourly rate of £14.66 is paid for the care by Dewis Centre for Independent Living on a monthly basis and we then invoice the balance or top up to the individual or their family member and payments are above.  We strongly advise a meeting to discuss the top up costs prior to setting up the package with Absolute Care Wales

We accept payment via cash, cheque, direct debit and standing order.

For more information about Direct payments, please visit the Diverse Cymru Direct Payments website.